The Dangers of Not Repairing a Roof Leak

There are so many hidden issues as well as obvious issues to not fixing a leaky roof. It may seem smart to put off fixing a leaky home and that the homeowner will save money in the long run putting this very necessary repair off. A homeowner runs the risk of damaging his entire health as well as putting his family at risk.

Just because the leak may not be heard or seen you will see the effects of it eventually in your home. The damage will be widespread it is guaranteed if the leak is not fixed immediately. The following are some major but common problems that could occur from a leak:

Mold Risk a Guaranteed Realty

Whenever water is allowed to remain it will affect a home’s structure sooner or later and water damage and mold will appear. Mold will grow like weeds when water is present where it should not be in the home. Even if a leak is allowed to exist for a couple days mold and mildew will grow in dark areas of the home where it cannot be seen and immediately taken care of. Worse yet mold and mildew can grow on almost any surface on the house such as joints, structural joists, drywall, and insulation will all be compromised if mold or mildew grows on these surfaces. The efficiency of these surfaces will be compromised and their appearance will change as well. They will look unsightly as a result of sustained mold and mildew damage.

Roof Frame Compromised

Other ways roof repairs can be critical is concerning frame damage. If the leak being repaired is delayed it can cause the entire frame to be damaged which results in the rafters , joists, and the truss system (which is a basic part of the structure and integrity) weakening and eventually could collapse and at the very least make the it sag.

The sagging will weaken the structure and integrity of the walls of the house and in time the whole structure of the house will become weak and could collapse. What was a moderate repair has now become a major repair that costs thousands of dollars.

Heat Loss

A homeowner may wonder how letting fixing a leak go could affect the heating bill. Most homes are installed with fiberglass insulation. If fiberglass insulation becomes wet it will clump and compress. If this happens to the insulation your home will lose considerable heat and become noticeably less energy efficient. The heating bill will just keep going up until the house is repaired of all leaks and the insulation is replaced.

What was once a minor leak to repair has now turned into the it being repaired or rebuilt, The walls need to be repaired and the insulation has to be replaced. If any signs are noticed of a leak (ceilings droop, water bubbles in the ceiling,roof starts to sag) then take care of it immediately.

Finally, if you notice the first signs of a leak no matter how minor. Get it repaired as soon as you can and you will save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run in costly roof repairs.

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