How to Check Your Roof After a Hurricane

Hurricanes, thunderstorms are one of the main reasons why roofs get damaged and require expensive repairs. After a hurricane , taking advantage of havoc caused, some dishonest contractors interested in making quick money may try to convince the home owner to hire their services. However, though there may be a hurricane in the area, the extent of the damage will vary depending on various factors, like the wind speed, type and quality of roofing installed, design and age of the house. Hence it is advisable to assess the extent of the damage caused accurately before taking a decision.

Check surroundings

Usually due to the high speed hurricane wind, parts of the roof may break off. These parts will then fall to the ground around the house. So inspecting the area around the house for debris will give some indication of the extent of damage. If larger portions are found on the ground, it means that the roof is extensively damaged. If there is little or no damage, no debris will be visible.

Checks for Leaks Indoors

If part has been blown away or the roof has developed holes or cracks because of the hurricane rainwater can easily leak into the house through these holes. Using hurricanes are accompanied by heavy rainfall, so even if there is a very small hole, water will start leaking into the house. Hence it is advisable to inspect the house thoroughly to check for water leakage

Ground Level Inspection

In many cases, the damage is visible from the ground. In some cases, this damage may not be visible, from immediately below it. However, looking at the house from some distance away, like from the road near the house, the patches due to missing shingles will be visible. In other cases, the alignment of the roof may be affected.

Contact a Professional for Inspection

In case even a small problem is detected in the roofing after the preliminary inspection after the hurricane, it is advisable to call a professional roofing contractor for a thorough inspection. This ensures that the roofing problem is fixed at the initial stage itself, at a low cost which is more affordable. The roofing contractor has the tools, safety gear and experienced staff to handle all kinds of roofing problems, so that the roof can last for a long time.

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