Tips on preserving and extending your roof’s life

The best way that you have of preserving your roof and extending the life of it is routine maintenance. Most people are unaware that there are things they can do to help with this. Below are some steps listed that you personally could do to make sure you get as many years out of it as possible. But remember, if you are in doubt or even if you just are not comfortable with getting on top, call a professional.

  • Inspection

If you are just moving into a home make sure to hire a professional for inspection. Damages taken care of now can save you a ton of money later. If this has been your home for a while, you can do the inspection yourself if you want. If you find any problems, contact a professional company and have them come do an inspection.

  • Tree Problems

Make sure that your trees are always cut back away from your house. Overhanging tree branches can scratch and puncture your shingles.

  • Other Debris

Clean all the leaves and sticks from your gutters. They clog up the gutters and keep water from flowing which will hold too much moisture can result in mold all around your home.

  • Clean Your Roof

Make sure to clean 2-3 times a year. Sweep off any sticks and leaves and also check for hanging or damaged gutters, replace what is bad.

  • Ventilation

If you do not have proper ventilation it can cause the wood to start to rot, insulation to be ineffective and shingles to start buckling.

  • Insulation

Make sure you have insulated properly. With poorly maintained insulation you won’t have the appropriate airflow needed for ventilation.

  • Check your shingles

Your house is constantly exposed to the elements of the weather. Weather can cause your shingles to tear or otherwise be damaged. Water can seep in and cause rot which leads to structural damage. Check your shingles once a year.

  • Animals

Animals love to make their nests and homes under and in the attic. As cute as they are, they can cause severe damage. Anything from tearing soffits open to ripping up your shingles. Make sure to check for these things twice a year.

  • Flashing

Check the flashing, the galvanized steel or aluminum, around the exhaust pipes, chimneys, and vents 4 times a year. Make sure that it isn’t bent or damaged. Check the sealant too. Loose or dried up sealant can cause leaks.

  • Moss

Moss can trap in water and cause severe damage to the structure. Keep an eye out on the shady, moist areas. If you see moss starting to grow, get rid of it.

Your roof is exposed to so many different weather conditions and those conditions will break down your shingles and other roofing material. Routine inspections will save you time and money by keeping it in top shape for as long as possible. Remember that unexpected damage, if not repaired soon enough, can cause major damage to interior, building structure, and things inside your home that you cherish, including the health of you and your family.

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