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Commercial Roofing

The styles of roofs of each house are one of the things that draw the most interest when we look at the exterior of a house . In addition to their structural significance, roof models can bring elegance and personality to the project, which can lead to a great improvement of the home.

In addition to the customer’s preparation for potential maintenance, the option of models allows the architect to research the environment and solar orientation of the property. There are some questions on which is the best choice when we speak on forms of exposed or embedded.

5 Types of roofing


The tiles are typically made of clay or clay and give a lot of resistance. The ceramic also stands out for its thermal and acoustic comfort. But it is possible to have a thermal blanket under if the area has very high or low temperatures. It consists of one or two aluminum faces and helps to maintain an ambient temperature that is good.


This style is a solution used for ambient lighting when the customer needs to take advantage of natural light.

Polycarbonate is marketed as transparent tiles as well as lightweight, honeycomb or reflective plates. It has a strong resistance, but according to the need in the job, it can be bent.

The polycarbonate is commonly used to cover outdoor areas, such as balconies, garages, swimming pools, greenhouses or, in general, recreational areas.


The glass is perfect for those who want to take advantage of natural light and improve the environment’s visibility. With transparent tiles, slabs or plates, it can be achieved. In pool areas or outdoor settings, such as balconies, these types of roofs are commonly used. Glass prevents noise created by rain, in addition to adding beauty and modernity.

Fiber cement

Cement fiber tiles are made of fiber from concrete and asbestos. This is one of the most economical models of roofing and is simple to build.

Overheating, which can cause a lot of thermal discomfort, is one of the drawbacks of this kind. Moreover, it is not as aesthetically stunning as the other models.


The green roof is mostly used on building tops, but on residential houses it can also be built. For those looking for a distinct and ecological look, it is perfect. It also contributes to sound insulation and thermal comfort, in addition to being stunning.