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What We Do During a Flat Roof Install

We install, replace, and repair roofing solutions for both commercial and residential buildings. These are able to resist multiple weather for a long period. One solution that is commonly used is the two ply torch system which provides an excellent level of protection but it requires highly trained labor and is expensive. Because of this, it’s vital that we get the products installed correctly the first time has any flaws in the installation process will remain challenging for years to come.

What is the replacement procedure for flat roofs?

To correctly replace a flat roof, any underlay or existing layers will first need to be removed most roofing companies refer to this as the tear off

Before the tear off the surrounding commercial are residential building will be covered with tarps to catch any debris or unnecessary mess that might fall.

Removing the old roof membrane will reveal the waterproof barrier that is used to cover the roof insulation that is pulled up and lowered to the surrounding tarps.

The roofing crew will then inspect any decking or installation to make sure it’s free from any rot or damage. Any existing damage will quickly be removed and replaced

The next step in the process is to install a covering to protect the decking and installation and this is usually a high performance waterproof underlay. They design this underlay to provide a moisture proof barrier to prevent the insulation on the decking from getting damaged.

They will screw the underlay and any new installation down to the decking. They will then secure the perimeter from moisture by installing a new drip edge this layer will sit on top of any underlay and complete the first layer of weatherproofing.

Next, they will roll the torch down outer layer out to cover the drip edge and underlay to ensure this membrane provides adequate protection to the complete structure. Finally, all roofing fixtures including chimneys, skylights and drains will be caulked, set and sealed. Then sure they all remain safely sealed from the weather.

Once your new roof installation is completed the crew will remove any debris or any that fell during the replacement process. Magnetic wands are used to ensure any metallic objects that they remove the tarps missed from the area all debris will be loaded onto a dump truck and safely removed from your property.

What is a Flat Roof Coating?

If it’s unnecessary to replace your entire flat roof. Many residences and businesses can opt to choose coating instead. These coatings act as an additional layer of protection on top of your existing one and add additional years of protection to your building.

As they have perfected techniques in recent years, this method of prolonging the life of a residential or commercial roofing system has become increasingly popular especially considering newer coatings expand and retract with the pre-existing roofing materials as prevailing weather change. Because of this, your additional coating remains intact and continues to provide both cooling and heating protection to your building regardless of the season.