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Need A Roof Repair In Beaumont?

roofing shingleSpotting problems where preventative maintenance and repairs will be much more affordable than extensive roof replacements is important. The easiest way to do this is through following one of these two steps.

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Working with Beaumont Roofing is your best option and we will prove it. We understand how it works and will know exactly where to look and how to fix any issues they encounter. An annual inspection will help maintain its appearance, performance, and lifespan by resolving any minor issues that occur before then become larger ones.

Perform a simple inspection yourself.

Outside of an annualĀ  inspection, inspection following any extreme weather makes sense. This can easily be done using a pair of binoculars, which will allow you to safely scan from the ground. You should also go into your attic to look for any sign of a leak, such as saturated insulation or water stains, to tell if you need roof repair in Beaumont, Tx.

Identifying the most Common Signs of a Roofing Problem

Using a good pair of binoculars, you can spot the following problems easily :

These are easily spotted from the ground as you will see a different colored patch on your roof or evidence of a broken shingle in your yard

  • Flashing damage.

These are the thin pieces of metal that are installed beneath your shingles and on the valleys and joints of your roof they’re important to maintain a water resistant barrier

  • Vent booting damage.

Your vent book is like a small pipe protruding from the roof and these are important to expel moisture from your attic. You should also look for shingle granules in your gutters or condensation in your attic and issues with any skylights

The process of repairing

Once you have identified a problem, it’s time to use a reputable roofing company. They will first perform a full inspection to identify any problems. Once a problem has been located, they can either seal or repair the suspected area. They will also repair any surrounding water damaged areas. Depending on the extent of the roofing problem your contractor may take a series of different approaches, damage flashing may need to be replaced with new flashing; any areas where the sealant has become worn can be tarred or caulked. Any vent boots that are damaged will need to be removed and replaced. Your contractor will also ensure the area surrounding the vent boot will be fully sealed to prevent future leaks. Any broken or missing shingles that will be replaced with new ones and a reputable contractor should always replace the shingles with ones identical to existing shingles. This is something you should insist on in advance. If your shingles suffered extensive damage from a puncture, it may involve more considerable repair work. They may require a reframe and installation of new sheathing.

Damage and repairs are stressful. We train our teams to put your mind at ease by taking you through each part of the process step by step, before we continue with the next stage of repairs right here in Beaumont, Tx