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Roof Replacement in Beaumont, Tx

There comes a time when every house needs a replacement, also if a homeowner is skilled enough they can replace it themselves. It will save the homeowner a lot of money if they can replace it themselves. Let’s take a closer look at the process of roof replacement. There is a definite process to follow . By definition roof replacement is replacing the current roofing system on the structure. There are many types of roofing materials that be chosen to to use for a new one. If you observe roofing damage on your house it is time to have a roof replacement if a repair does not cut it.

A. Prepare the structure and the driveway for the potential project

  • Remove any cars, bikes, or other ornaments from the driveway so workers can have safe access to their hauling trailer. The hauling trailer is where all the old roofing materials will be disposed.
  • Remove any pets from the around the home so they will not impede the workers.
  • Take away fragile objects such as flower pots, ceramic ornaments from the outside area of the home.
  • Make sure the workers are following appropriate safety guidelines and using and wearing safety equipment where and when applicable.

B. Demolition of the existing structure begins

  • The proper procedure is for the workers to begin to remove the materials. They work from the bottom upwards removing old material as they work upwards. This is done on all slopes of the house.
  • Workers apply flat tools to the shingles to break the adhesion on the back of the shingles to remove them from the decking
  • Next felt paper or underlayment is removed
  • Now, the workers will either remove nail nails or staples or hammer them flat
  • If your home is equipped with exhaust vents, solar panels, or satellite dishes they will be removed to keep them safe. They will be installed after the new one is completed. They will be installed properly.

C.Correct Flashing is Established

  • The workers will check the flashing around chimneys and other roof penetrations to make sure they are properly installed, in excellent condition , and they are counter flashed. Flashing is a thin metal usually galvanized steel to stream water away from key areas, wherever theĀ  surface meets a vertical surface such as a dormer or wall.
  • Drip edge maybe installed around the outside to extend the surface creating a 2′ inch lip so rain water will drip further away from the house.

D.Put on Underlayment

  • Roofing material usually felt is laid underneath the shingles to keep water or moisture away from the wooden decking structure.
  • The felt will either be a 15 pound or 30 pound felt with the heavier felt installed on with steeper pitches.
  • If a metal roof is being installed then the underlayment will be a synthetic material.

E. Put on the Material

  • Whether the aterial being installed is asphalt shingles, Barrel Tile, Snap-Lock Metal Panel or whatever the material workers are installing; they need to follow the best industry practices and the manufacturer’s specifications for roof installation.

F. Clean and have an Inspection

  • The company uses heavy duty magnets to clean up the yard and clear residue debris from your roof, yard and driveway.
  • A project manager will diligently inspect the installation and materials used for the installation.
  • The Roofing contractor will consult with the homeowner to finalize the details of job and collect payment for labor and materials used for the roofing job.


  • The roofing material should come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The contractor warrants the labor for the job.
  • Make sure these warranties are in place before the work begins.

Finally, this is the standard process followed to preform a roof replacement