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All about roofing shingles

Asphalt is the most popular roofing material used in the United States. They come in several different styles and many different colors. Also, they are relatively light, for roofs which cannot stand the heavy load of tile or slate, and they are relatively inexpensive, with the lightest form being among the lowest cost options.

roofing shingleThey are also known as composition shingles. This because they are composed of different elements making it up. The base layer is made of fiberglass or cellulose and on this mat is placed asphalt and mineral granules. This composition distinguishes them from wood shakes, wood, and tiles. The following details the different types available.


Known as 3-tab are the most basic and lightest shingles. They come in 3 to a tab or strip and are sometimes called “strip”. They have a single layer of mat on which is placed the asphalt and granules. 3-tab shingles lay quite flat on the roof and offer a horizontal look from the ground.

Some people think they look like a roof with slates. 3-tab shingles are used by most builders who are building inexpensive homes or as replacements on homes which already have 3-tab shingles. Your roofing contractor can usually put a new layer of 3-tabs on over the previous layer of 3-tab when you need a new install.


Dimensional are also known as architectural or laminate. These are heavier than the 3-tab, having 2 or more layers of asphalt fused together for increased life and protection from strong wind, rain, and hail.. They consequently come with a higher warranty than the 3-tab.

These are the most prevalent being used today, being used on most of the new upscale homes being built. Their look imitates wood shakes or slate , having a multi-dimensional appearance. These are very desirable .


Luxury are the highest quality asphalt roofing shingles available today. They are heavier than even the dimensionals, offering a more differentiated appearance, and more closely imitate the wood shake or slate. They truly look luxurious. Luxury shingles come with a longer warranty from the manufacturer than either the 3-tab or dimensional shingle. They generally come in more colors also, including those that imitate a wood shake or a slate.


Due to the dynamic properties of asphalt and the engineering capabilities of today, special characteristics are available. They can come with special resistance to algae growth, and extra resistance to hail. They can come in special colors that more effectively reflect the sun’s heat.

It is claimed that asphalt is resistant to fire, making an asphalt shingle roof desirable in locations where wildfire is a possibility. All these features make a specialty asphalt shingled roof desirable from an insurance standpoint and may also result in a longer warranty from the manufacturer. Call now for a roof install in the Beaumont, Tx area.